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Box Soccer Training uses a unique methodology to deliver progressive training sessions that require no moving of equipment.

We deliver a demanding, thought provoking programme that encourages our players to make their own decisions.

– Suitable for all levels of the game from grassroots players right up to leading professional academies –

– Each player is likely to get approximately 1000 touches per hour session –

– Ensures players transfer what they learn at Boxsoccer into a game situation –

Boxsoccer can be enjoyed at  holiday camps, inservice days, single or even regular sessions for players at our academy sessions or by  clubs who want to give their players the best possible chance to develop their potential.

If your child attended piano lessons every week but never improved enough to play a tune you would not be happy. Too often, where football is concerned, we are happy to settle for second best.

Here at BoxSoccer we don’t!

The Coaches

BoxSoccer sessions are delivered by Coaches who have been extensively trained and are continuously mentored by our Coaching Staff.

Our coaches must attend coach education course every year to allow them to deliver the whole Boxsoccer programme and they have opportunities to attend other regular coach education courses We believe coaches need continuous and consistent mentoring from quality coach educators and the Boxsoccer coaches have personal online support from our staff coaches on an on demand basis to complement their coach education courses.

All our coaches must comply with the regulatory child protection criteria in the country that they are delivering our sessions. These will be available for parents to confirm at any time.

Our coaches must also have a basic first aid certificate which again can be viewed at any time.

The Programme

As a result of our single setup structure once a coach has set up they are ready for the whole duration of our session.

This means there is no time wasted and enables our coaches to focus completely on the session they are delivering from our curriculum. Every part of our curriculum is well thought out and progresses with the players participation. These practices are all game related. . This means the ball is rolling and the players are active for a minimum of 75% of every hour they are with us. This should guarantee every player in the session enjoying over 1000 touches. We have eight coaching categories which encompasses every facet of the beautiful game.

At Boxsoccer the sessions we have created and the manner they are delivered will have a direct correlation to the game the player plays.


The Services

Box Soccer began as a programme for talented young players but we soon realised that it was so much more than this and improves every individual no matter the starting point.

  • Box Soccer Training
  • Little Box Stars
  • Schools Programme
  • Club Academy Services
  • Full Week or Day Camps
  • Social Good

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Box Soccer Training

The ultimate football coaching programme for 5-12 year olds.

Little Box Stars

Little BoxStars is our fun filled programme has been designed to introduce 2-5 year old’s to the beautiful game.

Schools Programme

An eight-week programme to change the way young children think, communicate and act using football as the medium.

Social Good

Box Soccer Training run several sessions a year for corporate good that we do not charge for with the intention of improving society.

Full week or Day Camps

We run full week camps all over the country during Easter and Summer as well as several day camps for various different organisations.

Club Academy Services

We run the Academy programme for several professional and semi-professiona clubs tailored towards high potential footballer.


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