Letting Children take risks on the Football pitch

Sometimes we have to admit we have to change to do better. Box Soccer Coach Education focused on encouraging players to take more risks. Their first thought must be to take the opponent on or look for the positive pass rather than the easiest pass to just keep the ball.

Young players must have the confidence to do this without fear of criticism. Coaches must tell them that losing the ball is not a failure, failure is not working hard to get the ball back. The coach must also manage the frustration of their teammates when a player loses the ball.

Let risk-taking be the first thought, not the last one, let the players work out when it is more effective to pass to create the better opportunity but not passing just to retain possession Liverpool Leeds Atlanta, Bayern, RB Leipzig Man City all built on risk

If you have to shout from the sidelines at a youth game make it positive too often we hear “keep the ball” “don’t give it away “ or “ retain possession “ What about “Take her on “ “Get at Him “ or simply “ take a risk “?

There must be no consequences to taking a risk to create.

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