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Social Good
Supporting the local community through volunteering

We have delivered several days coaching with the benefit of supporting charity or a local community good.

We provide our coaches as volunteers who put on a full day of coaching and training that is tailored to the organisations or the charity day in question.

We have found sport to be a fantastic intermediary for health and fitness for communities or projects that want a fun, organised and results orientated day.

how we've supported social good

Our Social Good status

Examples of projects and days that we have run would be:

– Give and Gain day at the Oriam
– Full day for free for the pupils at Peebles High School
– Broughty United used Box Soccer to promote their open day
– Promoted and ran the Schools League in Coatbridge.

If your club or organisation feel there’s a community benefit or are a registered charity, we are open to supporting a number of days throughout the year on this.

Please use the contact us form and we will respond there.